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Q & A: Volts and Watts

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Most recent answer: 11/12/2007
how many watts are in 200 volts and How Iconvert from watts to volts thank you
- Antonieta
Sunnyvale Ca. USA
Volts and Watts are different things and you cannot convert directly from one to the other.  The Watt is a unit of rate of energy flow or power.   If you have a 1 Volt battery connected to a 1 Ohm resistor then 1 Ampere of current will flow.  The product of Volts times Amperes gives the amount of power flowing in the circuit which, in this case, would be 1 Watt since current is equal to the voltage divided by the resistance.    In formulas:
Power(Watts) = Voltage(Volts) x Current(Amperes).  
Also, Current = Volts / Resistance(Ohms)


(published on 11/12/2007)

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