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Q & A: Choosing a flashlight bulb

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Most recent answer: 02/10/2017
In my flashlight I'm using 2 AA batteries with output about 3 volts. If I use a 2.4 volt bulb, is it better to use a low or high amp bulb to maximize the bulb's brightness? Or ought I tinker with the bulb's voltage? I've forgotten my high school physics! Thanks
- Larry Sargent (age 63)
Toronto Ont. Canada

There are several so-called 2.4 Volt bulbs available with different wattages.  The rule is: The higher the wattage , the brighter the light, for any particular type (LED or incandescent) of bulb.   A corollary is: the brighter the light, the shorter the battery lifetime.   Take your pick.


(published on 02/10/2017)

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