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Q & A: Raman energy extraction

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Most recent answer: 09/14/2016
According to Raman effect the frequency of light scattered by the liquids is greater than that of the incident light( it can be..) . When this scattered light of greater energy is made to incident on the solar panels,electrons will be ejected with greater kinetic energy. The number of electrons ejected with this scattered light is same as the number of electrons ejected with normal light, but the kinetic energy of electrons ejected is more in the former case. So due to greater kinetic energy of the ejected electrons , the collisions that these electrons undergo with the kernel's of atoms will increase and thus the resistance of the wire increases.When resistance increases, more energy will be dissipated in the wire in the form of heat.As more amounts of heat is released, solar heater's efficiency will be increased.Is this practically possible ?
- abhijith (age 17)

No. More photons have their frequency shifted down than up by the Raman scattering off a thermally equilibrated liquid. That's true for fundamental thermodynamic reasons, not just some feature of particular materials.

Mike W. 

(published on 09/14/2016)

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