Keeping Milk Cold

Most recent answer: 07/17/2019

Hi,I want to do a research on loose raw milk collected from farms and for that i need to keep the milk from going bad before it reaches our R&D. Will a Styrofoam box with 10 milk boxes and 3 kg of dry ice in each box sealed properly with tape be sufficient to keep the milk from going bad if kept in these boxes for about 36 hours?
- Husna Zeeshan (age 33)

My guess is that it would work, but these rate problems are hard to estimate. There may be an issue with the dry ice causing the milk to freeze, which will tend to make its solids stick together even after the milk has thawed out. I suggest that you try this with water, a thermometer, and perhaps one small milk container before risking it with a lot of milk.

Mike W.


(published on 07/17/2019)