Thermal Insulation

Most recent answer: 09/15/2020

I am building a custom designed stainless steel charcoal camp BBQ. I am wondering what the best way is to prevent heat transfer between the stainless steel that makes up the 'firebox' and other pieces of stainless steel that make up the rest of the structure. Is there a material that I could secure between the connection points? I guess its something like on a high end BBQ where the lid handle remains cool to the touch or a frying pan where you don't need a glove to touch the handle? Any ideas?
- Steve Smith (age 51)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm not quite sure what the design looks like, so it's hard to answer with confidence. There's material called ceramic foam insulation that tolerates heat well. If that will fit in your design, it should work. Wood is also a decent insulator, if the location doesn't get so hot that it would risk charring.

Mike W.

(published on 09/15/2020)