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Q & A: replacing incandescent lights

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Most recent answer: 07/08/2016
We have a remote cabin that we are currently using a car battery to light two standard lightbulbs (60 watt). Could we get more light and more efficient light with this the same battery using different lights? And if so, what would you suggest? I see you've suggested the LED's, but I'm not sure which can be easily wired to the battery and how much is too much or too little. Cabin is roughly 20'x30'. Thanks
- Scott (age 18)

Yes, LED bulbs will give more than 4 times as much light as incandescent bulbs for a given amount of power. You can find LEDs that are specifically designed for use with 12V car batteries. That's a much better option than buying the common ones with extra circuitry designed for 120V ac circuits.

Mike W.

(published on 07/08/2016)

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