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Q & A: thermal equilibrium and rates

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Most recent answer: 07/07/2016
If I filled two jugs made out of different material with the same amount of warm water inside a fridge and the temperature in the fridge was -10 C. would both jugs reach the temperature of the fridge at the end or one will be colder than the other? Also, would they reach the same temperature at the same time or one will be faster and one slower based on the material? Thanks in advance!
- Hatim (age 25)

If the fridge has a constant interior temperature, anything you put in it will gradually reach that temperature. That follows directly from the most fundamental laws of thermodynamics. How long the process takes can depend a lot on things like what the jugs are made out of- metal, ceramic, etc.

Mike W.

(published on 07/07/2016)

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