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Q & A: LED car lights

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Most recent answer: 04/03/2016
I have two food carts which we operate at times in the night. I would like them both to be equipped with lights of some kind (thinking LEDs) that run off of a battery (thinking a car battery). I know it is possible but I just dont know where to start. What lights would be best and keep in mind that it will be outside. There is coverage but there is the chance of moisture. Do I connect the lights directly to the battery? is there some sort of power converter or other type of device needed? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you
- Dustin (age 33)
Pgh, Pa, USA

You can buy LED lights specifically designed to work directly with 12V batteries. I believe some of these units are intended for outdoor use.

Mike W.

(published on 04/03/2016)

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