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Q & A: Powering LED's from a battery

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Most recent answer: 07/16/2015
Hi I have just purchase a ringlight that will be used for photography and video. It is wired to be plugged into a standard power point however I would like the option to use it occasionally on location, away from power for at least 2-3 hours The spec are as follows: No. of LED bulbs: 300pcs Power: 19W LUX: 0.5M (8300); 1M (1800); 2M (390)Color temperature: 3000K-7000KVoltage: 9V/3A Central Aperture: 120mmSize: 35 x 26.5 x 10.8 cm Net Weight: 750gPower Adapter:Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC9V, 3A; Plug Type: US Is it simply a matter of getting a 9v battery or two of some description and suitable connections or are there other considerations that must be taken into account?
- Richard (age 44)

Hi Richard,

Your present supply provides 9 Volts at 3 Amperes.   You can  buy 9 Volt motorcycle batteries that will provide 8 or 9 Ampere-hours worth of current.   Sounds just about what you need.  You will have to cobble up some sort of proper connection to the battery connections.


(published on 07/16/2015)

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