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Q & A: Running LED's from a battery

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Most recent answer: 04/10/2015
I have a 12v 15 AH Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery which I plan to connect to a small wind turbine, can this battery power 40 LED lamps (12V 1W)
- Frank (age 52)
Libertyville, IL

Hello Frank,

If your LED's are rated at 1 Watt for a 12 Volt supply then each one will draw I = W/V = 1/12 Amp.  You have 40 of them wired in parallel so the total current is 40/12  Amps.   You have a 15 AmpHour battery so the total amount of time they will stay lit is 15/(40/12) = 4.5 hours.


(published on 04/10/2015)

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