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Q & A: LED's in series

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Most recent answer: 04/03/2015
I'm using a nine l.e.d. flashlight for an r.o.v. but i keep burning them out. My power is supplied by 12v mower battery through cat5e cable. The flashlight normally uses 3 aaa batteries and i read 5 volts from that cluster. If i add a second flashlight to the mix,does that cut volts to 6? Enough to hopefully not burn up both lights? Thanks!
- kipp (age 42)
chillicothe,ohio usa

If your two LED lights are in series, then each will get about 6V. In parallel, each would get 12V. It's hard to say how rapidly the 6V would burn out LEDs designed for more like 4.5 V. You can get LED's designed for 12V, which seems like it would make more sense here.

Mike W.

(published on 04/03/2015)

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