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Q & A: light inside boxes

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Most recent answer: 03/23/2015
Hi Van,I hope the fact that I live outside the US will not prevent you from looking at my question.Here it is anyhow:Given that photons can be produced from a number of sources;if I had a sealed lead box (or any sealed box) would there be ANY light inside it at all?Could there be any place that would be devoid of light?That is sort of two questions, I know.Thanks in advance for any consideration.
- Chris (age 49)
Edinburgh, Scotland

Yes, there would be light inside the box, although perhaps not much visible light. Think of what any hot piece of metal looks like. It glows. The color depends on the temperature. Since lead melts at a low temperature, it can't get very hot, so almost all the light will just be infrared and microwave. If you use another metal, it could be quite bright inside.

Mike W.

p.s. Our questions and readers come from all over, which we're very happy about.

(published on 03/23/2015)

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