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Q & A: Fixing headphone wires

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Most recent answer: 05/29/2014
Why is it that when i take apart certain electronics like headphones and power adapters, they don't work when I put them back together even though the wires are touching in the right place?
- Bryan (age 21)
Nashville, Tn , USA

Hi Bryan,

This is a question I've always wondered myself... I can never get them to work again. However, my more electronically-skilled friend informed me that this was because I wasn't connecting them properly.

One possible idea for what we are doing wrong: many small headphone wires are covered with a clear coat of varnish, which acts as an insulator. A small flame or fine-grained sandpaper can remove this coating, after which you can solder the wires together, and maybe it will work.


(published on 05/29/2014)

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