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Q & A: geothermal cooling

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Most recent answer: 10/28/2012
If I stuck a working radiator 20 feet in the ground can it cool the water and keep the temp constant? the water will be around 145 degree and 20 feet into the ground is about 45 degree will the heat transfer and keep the water temp around 80 degree keeping all the component cooled and functional by the way the radiator is cooling down a computer so just wondering if it can work
- bonthong chhea (age 18)
san diego
What you're describing is called "geothermal cooling". Devices like that are in use for home air-conditioning systems and other uses. They are very energy-efficient. However, you need a lot of spread-out pipe to get much cooling, because heat diffuses slowly through the ground.  We can't tell if your plan would work without knowing how many watts of cooling are needed, etc.

Mike W.

(published on 10/28/2012)

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