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Q & A: Can transformers make power?

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Most recent answer: 10/15/2012
i have read about step up and step down transformers that how they convert voltages.Well my question is that it is possible to generate a voltage of 220v by using a step up transformer by providing it a little voltage like from a 12v battery.And if it is possible i will overcome the electrical energy crises of Pakistan. LOL :D
- Ahsan (age 17)
Transformers do change ac voltages, but they do not add any energy to the circuit. In fact, transformers have some losses, so the power output is always a little less than the input.

How can that be if the voltage is stepped up? The reason is that the current is then stepped down.

By the way, transformers only work with ac. To use a transformer with a battery you'd need some sort of switch to rapidly switch the polarity of the connection between the battery and the circuit. You can get such things ("inverters") but they too lose a little power.

Pakistan needs the same sort of energy sources as everyplace else. In much of the country solar energy should be a good option.

Mike W.

(published on 10/15/2012)

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