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Q & A: speculations about absolute zero temperature

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Most recent answer: 06/24/2012
I have a very convincing theory. You know how scientists are looking for the absolute zero tempurature?? Well I think there is only one way to find it. You would stop time. Because in order to find absolute zero, every molecule would have to be completely still and not moving. I also think that there would be not light. But I am not completely sure about that. Would that be the real outcome? And can you please explain?
- sydney kemme (age 15)
cincinnati ohio usa
Your most definite idea is that at absolute zero there would be no light. That's true- the closer something gets to T=0 the less light is propagating around in it.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what your theory is. Scientists are not "looking for the absolute zero temperature" since we know from the third law of thermodynamics that it can never quite be reached. I also do not know what it would mean to "stop time". If it just means that all ordinary motion has ceased, then in effect you've said that in order to reach absolute zero you must reach absolute zero. That I believe.

Mike W.

(published on 06/24/2012)

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