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Q & A: Flashlight bulbs and batteries

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Most recent answer: 02/25/2012
please tell me if its possible to light up flash light bulb with one c battery.if so please tell me.pleaase im not ssmart so dont use terminals.dont have a clue where they are at.if not tell me how to power this light bulb with today scienec fair wednesday!!!thanks
- blake thomas (age 12)
plymouth,indiana,united states
Hi Blake,
I took apart my flashlight and it had two D batteries in series giving a total voltage of about 3 Volts.   C batteries are rated at the same voltage, 1.5 Volts.   Now most flashlight bulbs including the one in my flashlight require from 2.8 to 3 Volts  so a single C battery will not light them up.   You need two C batteries wired in series.


(published on 02/25/2012)

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