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Q & A: thermal homework

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Most recent answer: 09/26/2011
What is the correct description of what happens when you place a liquid in the freezer? A. Energy removed from the liquid remains in the freezer B. Energy from the freezer is absorbed by the liquid. C. Energy from the liquid is exhausted into the atmosphere outside the freezer. D. None of the above Which of the following statements correctly respresents the relationship between molecular motion and pressure? A. the greater molecule motion, the less pressure the molecules exert. B. the greater the molecule motion, the greater the pressure the molecules exert. C. Molecular motion is not related to the pressure the molecules exert. D. none of the above
- kelly (age 30)
Kelly- I've combined your two questions, which are obviously homework exercises. Although we don't do homework, I can discuss how to think about them.

Let's look at the first one. If energy from the freezer flowed to the liquid, what would happen to the liquid temperature? If the energy from the liquid ends up in the freezer, what would happen to the freezer temperature? Does the freezer have a thermostat?

On the second question, think about what causes a force on the walls from the gas. (That's pressure.) Imagine the gas as little balls bouncing around against the walls. How often do they hit? How hard do they hit?

Mike W.

(published on 09/26/2011)

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