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Q & A: Power consumption in an LED system

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Most recent answer: 08/11/2011
We are trying to set up an LED lighting system in a shipping container at a rowing site in Chicago using a solar 12V charger, a 12V 35Amp Hour Battery, and 15 Trac 12 Low Power LED Module, 1.3W, 4K lights from JUNO lighting on a track inside the container. If the LED's pull 1.3 watts*15=19.5 watts/12V = 1.625Amp. If we then assume that we use the lights 4 hours/day, then we lose 6.45 Amp hours/day. If our solar charger puts out 0.59Amps and we have 11 hours of charging per day, then we should just break even with battery use right? The site selling the charger mentions using a controller with it. What does a controller do besides keeping the battery from overcharging?
- Joe Byrd (age 45)
Hello Joe,

Your arithmetic is impeccable.
About the controller, you may be right as far as overcharging.  Without additional specs I couldn't say.


(published on 08/11/2011)

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