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Q & A: volts and amps on switch

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Most recent answer: 07/03/2011
I was wondering if i could use a 120 volt toggle switch on a golf cart to turn lights on and off. I have the lights hooked up and they work but the old switch is demolished and i have a 120 volt 15 amp switch just laying around.
- Jesse (age 30)
Omaha, NE USA
Does the golf cart uses low voltages, from a 12V battery? If so the 120V switch will have no trouble handling the voltage. In fact, I'd be shocked (whoops, pun not intended) if the cart used voltages above 120 V.

The current is more worth checking.  If the cart uses 12V, at 15 A that would handle 180W worth of bulbs. Just check the wattage of the bulbs to make sure they don't add up to more than 15A times the voltage used.

Mike W.

(published on 07/03/2011)

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