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Q & A: maximum temperature by induction

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Most recent answer: 05/11/2011
I am experimenting with Induction heating. I have an Induction cooker that will heat 5 liters of water to 70deg C in 14 minutes in a deep fat fryer pan.My temp gauge peaks at 70deg C. The water gives off bubbles near to boiling point but never feverishly bolis. If I heat 5 liters oil in the pan, will I get sufficient heat to deep fry chips?
- Reg (age 62)
South Africa
I don't think there's anything particularly special about induction heating for this. Whatever heat source you use, there will be a maximum temperature reachable for a particular pot of stuff when the heat flow out from it matches the maximum output of the heater. It sounds like you can get to 100C, but with water the boiling prevents you from seeing just how much hotter you could get the fry pan.  I strongly recommend getting a good fryer thermometer. That way, assuming the pot can get hot enough, you'll be able to control the frying temperature to get good results without too much degradation of the oil.

Mike W.

(published on 05/11/2011)

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