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Q & A: insulating a floor

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Most recent answer: 02/04/2011
Just purchased home and i have a garage below my family room,the floor in my family room is hard wood and i plan to have these floors refinished,my problem is the floor gets super cold and has to what ithink has damaged the existing floor from all the expantion and contraction of this floor,the ceiling in the garage is insulated with fiberglass and sheet rock,but obviously is not doing the trick,i am planning to replace the garage door and tearing down the ceiling and going the spray foam route,is this the best way to improve my problem?
- richard (age 53)
Richard- That sounds like a very reasonable action. Let us know how it works. I'm currently in the part of my living room in which the floor (above an external crawl space) is barely insulated by a rug. Some good insulation that doesn't promote mold growth in the crawl space would be ideal. That's one thing you might check with your foam before using it.

Seriously, if you have good luck, let us know.

Mike W.

(published on 02/04/2011)

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