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Q & A: perpetual motion

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Most recent answer: 02/07/2010
This question is regarding a so-called Magnetic Generator. I watched a video (Link posted Below) and its been haunting me ever since. The man builds a VERY simple apparatus including a cream cheese lid to which he as affixed several magnets. The poles are oriented in an identical fashion around the wheel. They are evenly spaced. He attaches said wheel to a small electric motor (I assume include 2 more magnets around a coil) who's only leads are connected to an LED. When he brings a larger magnet within range of the wheel it begins to spin and the light turns on. Energy only changes forms it is never free. So... Q1: Is this possible???! Q2: Where is the energy coming from to move the wheel if the magnet is relatively static? Q3: Just break it down for me... I have to know!!!! Thanks tremendously for the effort. -Jacob
- Jacob P. (age 27)
Charlotte, NC, USA
Excellent question. I don't think that it involves violations of the deepest laws of nature. The camera shot that shows the motor running is discontinuous with the shots that show the set-up. The wheel is plenty big to hide a battery from the angle of the shot that shows the motor running. Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see.

Mike W.

(published on 02/07/2010)

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