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Q & A: LED replacement bulbs

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Most recent answer: 08/05/2009
is it possible to replace a 500 watts halogen focus light with LED to optain the same light output,& what would be the energy saved in comparison & what is the average life of LED?
- rajiv kannan (age 40)
I've read that LED bulbs are now at least as efficient as fluorescent bulbs, about four or more times better than standard incandescents. Halogen bulbs are only slightly more efficient than other incandescents. So maybe you'd need about 100W or so LEDs. The new LEDs are supposed to last a very long time. However, I haven't seen any LED bulbs big enough to replace a 500 W halogen. You'd need to use a collection of smaller bulbs, and the initial costs would be high.

Mike W.

(published on 08/05/2009)

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