Ozonated Distilled Water

Most recent answer: 01/29/2016

I need deionized water to setup my pH meter with different pH level salts. I bought distilled water for this purpose. My distilled water says it is ozonated water. Is this distilled water close enough to distilled? How to test it? Is the electrical resistance a good measure? If so, how to measure the resistance using a simple multi-meter?
- Mohan (age 51)
Fort Collins, CO

I think there should be no problem with your ozonated water for this purpose. The unstable ozone should leave almost nothing behind.

Unfortunately, it's hard to measure the water conductivity with a standard DVM. With a dc current, ions accumulate on and near the electrodes, giving misleading readings. For reasonably accurate measurements, ac conductance is used, but that's not included on a typical little meter. If you happen to find an ac ohmmeter, you also want to be careful to use big clean electrodes for your measurements, and have them held in fixed positions so you can calibrate the meter with a standard salt solution.

Mike W.

(published on 01/29/2016)