Shielding low Frequency Microwaves

Most recent answer: 08/19/2015

There is a company called Swiss Shield that manufactures a cloth material called Condex. They claim this material shields low frequency magnetic waves. Does anyone know how they could have done this? My understanding is that only something like mumetal can shield low frequency magnetic waves.
- andy (age 45)
newport or usa

Hello Andy,

Swiss Shield, shows the following graph that indicates the magnetic attenuation falling off at low frequencies as 1/f,  about right.

I did not see any claims for extremely low frequencies e.g. 60 Hz.    Their material, as far as I can tell, is just ordinary cloth with an interwoven conductive copper mesh.   As you point out this doesn't work at 60 Hz,  you need some mu-metal. 


(published on 08/19/2015)