Building an Underwater Rover

Most recent answer: 07/15/2015

I'm doing a science project its to make a rover that goes to the seafloor and can survey or provide video feed my question was im sealing everything up and I'm worried that the ocean pressure will just be too much and destroy the whole thing how can I make it resistant to the pressure?
- Kenny (age 16)
Orlando Florida USA

The shape of underwater pressure vessels is important. Deep underwater, the water pressure is roughly the same on all sides, so you want to avoid shapes that are asymmetrical and will cause a pressure imbalance. A sphere is best, but some kind of cylinder is usually more practical. This Q&A discusses the shape of submarines: 

Here's a cool example of a relatively inexpensive undersea robot that can go down to 75 meters; maybe you can get some design ideas: 

It would also be a good idea to test the waterproof enclosure by submerging at depth it without anything sensitive inside, to check for leaks. Good luck!

Rebecca H.

(published on 07/15/2015)

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