Leaky Bottles in Airplanes

Most recent answer: 03/24/2013

Seems like every time I fly some bottles leak and make a mess. Which bottle will leak less in checked luggage - a bottle with a little airspace or a bottle with no airspace? Or does it make any difference?
- Ann Kopelousos (age 67)
Fleming Island, FL, USA
Hi Ann,
My guess is that you should fill the bottles with as much liquid as possible.  The reason is that if there is a very small amount of air, and this air is over-pressured with respect to that of the airplane, then a small amount of liquid leakage will relieve this overpressure.   On the other hand if there is a large amount of air inside the bottle then it will take correspondingly lots more liquid leakage to equalize the inside-outside pressure difference.


(published on 03/24/2013)