Powering Halogen Lights

Most recent answer: 03/17/2018

Hey there .i am trying to power some 220v 20w halogen lamps as a part of my house design . i know absolutely nothing abt electricity ( i thought they were LED's when i bought them :/ ) is it possible to use 1.5v batteries for it ? or i should somehow plug it into the socket !?sry for grammar mistakes my english su** .Ali Yous , Tehran xDDD
- aliyoud (age 23)
tehran , tehran , iran

If these are 220V lights, it sounds like the thing to do is to plug them into a standard Iranian AC power outlet. 1.5 V batteries will not work with them. 

You should know that these halogen lights are not nearly as efficient as LED lights. If you can replace them with LEDs you'll only use about 1/4 as much electrical energy.

Mike W.

(published on 03/17/2018)