Pressure at Lake Discharge Pipe.

Most recent answer: 01/25/2012

I have a ten acre lake with an average depth of six feet. The water is around 2 ft. on shallow end and 10 ft. on the deep end. there is horizontal drain pipe that runs thru the dike at the 10 ft.(deep end) with a valve on the outside. How much psi is on this pipe at the discharge?
- wayne (age 32)
Macon, MS USA
Hi Wayne,
The area of the lake and the depth at the shallow end have nothing to do with the pressure at your discharge pipe.  It's simply due to the difference between the height of the lake relative to the pipe, 10 feet,  which will be about 4.55 psi, at least when the valve is closed.


(published on 01/25/2012)