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Q & A: Why is ocean salty

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Most recent answer: 04/23/2013
why is the ocean so salty??
- Bob (age 9)
vancouver, B.C,

Hello Bob, Thanks for the question. The short answer to your question is that there is a good amount of salt in the ocean, though mainly the common salt we use for food (sodium chloride), there are also other kinds of salt composed of elements like magnesium, calcium and sulfur. In fact, about 90% of 'salt' in sea water is the same kind of salt we eat everyday. This is one of reason why a lot of salt we eat every day is produced from seas!

Another question you might ask is why does sea water have so much salt? The answer is that it comes from land. When rains occur, rain drops slowly dissolve rocks and stones, and carry minerals which are components of salt into oceans. Erosion of soils by wind and by rivers also contributes to the process. Therefore, there is much salt in oceans and hence they are salty.

Hope this helps,


(published on 04/23/2013)

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