Warming Deionised Water

Most recent answer: 02/15/2017

What happens to de-ionised water when it is heated? I am a textile conservator and am using de-ionised water for cleaning upholstered seat covers. We have found that warming DI is more efficient at removing soiling, but I was told if you warm it it is no longer DI. I am not sure this is correct.
- Ksynia (age 67)
Norwich UK

That depends on how you warm it. If you warm it in a very inert vessel (e.g. teflon) very few ions will get in. If you warm it in a soda-lime glass bottle a few ions will leach in. If you use a metal pan, the number and type of ions will depend on the pan. My guess is that for your purposes it won't make much difference, so long as you avoid things like cast-iron pots.

Mike W.

(published on 02/15/2017)