How Much Water Evaporates From the Earth Every Second?

Most recent answer: 07/23/2016

hoe much water evaporates from earth in every second
- Anomitra Das (age 16)
Malda, West Bengal, India

Since we know that water is not accumulating in the atmosphere, because whenever it tries we get rain instead, the water evaporating from the Earth must be equal to the amount falling from the sky.

I found a collection of sources for the amount of rain that falls on the Earth every year:

Using the most recently published figure of annual worldwide rainfall of 5.36 x10^14 cubic meters of water per year, the next step is to do unit conversion to get the volume of water per second.

(5.36x10^14 m^3 / 1 year) * ( 1 year/ 365 days) * ( 1 day / 24 hours) * ( 1 hour / 60 minutes)* (1 minute/60 seconds) = 17 million cubic meters per second

or the equivalent of 78 Amazon Rivers flowing up into the sky

Sheldon S.

(published on 07/23/2016)