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Q & A: Something Feels Different

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Most recent answer: 10/22/2007
When you’re standing near another human--boy or girl--and suddenly you feel like this "electrical charge" kinda--sudden attraction--what is that? Some "aura" opposites connect attraction or what? I don’t mean just a sexual feeling between a boy/girl---what I’m talking about is this something attraction that you can feel happening around you--some kind of a connection or communication that might be there. Of course, you don’t mention it; and it usually goes away in a few seconds.
- Linda Miller
Renton High, Renton, WA, USA
There are actually a number of things that can give such an odd feeling. A simple one would be static charge. If you drag your feet on the ground, you pick up a large excess of one charge. When you touch something metal, the charge jumps out of you and you feel a shock. Until you touch something, the extra charge sits all over the surface of your body and make an electric field. When someone else approaches, they will feel the charges in their body move with the electric field of the other person. This usually comes from excess charges moving onto hairs on our skin and pushing the hairs out from our body.

Another thing we feel is heat. People radiate heat because our inside is warmer than the air around us (in general). When you get close to someone else, you can sometimes feel the heat radiating off of them. Likewise, sometimes you get close enough that the tiny hairs on you body brush against their's. While the skin and touch sensors haven't made contact, we can feel out hairs move a little.

One important thing about all of our senses is how they work with changes. When our senses are stimulated by the same thing for a long time, we don't notice them. For example, you probably don't notice the sound of the fan on your computer because it hasn't changed for a while. But if the fan were to shut off, you would notice that some sound was missing. Our eyes work the same, if you stare at the wame spot without blinking, the image starts to fade and go black. We don't see this normally because our eyes shift constantly to change what we see. The same works for touch. You probably don't notice the pants or shirt you are wearing because they've been touching you skin for a while. In that way, you can become acustom to external feelings so that they appear to go away.


(published on 10/22/2007)

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