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Q & A: C6 H12 O6

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Most recent answer: 01/12/2010
What is the common name for C6 H12 O6?
- Brett (age 11)
West Lincoln, Brookhaven, MS USA
Brett -

C6H12O6 is the formula for a number of different types of molecule, depending on how those atoms are connected up. One very common and important such molecule has several common names:

"Glucose" , "Dextrose" , "Grape Sugar" , "Blood Sugar"


For a  discussion of some of the other molecules with this formula, see    /mw

(published on 10/22/2007)

Follow-Up #1: sugar

How can blood sugar be the same as grape sugar?
- Monica (age 14)
New Jersey
Why not? Admittedly, we aren't very close relatives of grape vines, but a lot of basic chemistry is shared by many living things.

Mike W,

(published on 01/12/2010)

Follow-up on this answer.