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Q & A: What is the ph of acid-base mixtures

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Most recent answer: 06/27/2015
if ph of an acid is 4 and ph of base is 8 how to find ph of solution formed after mixing them.
- amit (age 17)
rewari haryana india

Hello Amit,

You first have to know the molar concentration and volume amounts of each of the two constituents.  Then it is a simple calculation.   A nice example is shown at .



That method works if both the acid and base are strong, meaning that they stay dissociated into ions regardless of the pH. Many typical acids and bases partially recombine into neutral molecules, depending on the  pH. For those you need to also know about how much recombination happens, described by one or more "pKa" values (). The resulting equations are a little more complicated, but not too hard to solve. Mike W.

(published on 06/27/2015)

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