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Q & A: detecting rust

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Most recent answer: 03/29/2015
I work in a an assembly plant putting together differentials for several different automobiles. We are having a problem "seeing" the rust on the parts. I believe that if we had the right spectrum of light the rust would show up better. Is there a wavelength or color of fluorescent light that will help us see the problem?
- Kevin Green (age 55)
Bowling Green, Ohio,US

We aren't experts on this, but I guess the problem is that rust spots can be hidden inside or maybe obscured by some layer of oil. I haven't found anything on fluorecent detection, but it does seem that teraherz radiation is strongly absorbed by rust and can be used for imaging.() I don't know if it's practical for your operation. 

My colleague Tunc suggests that perhaps luminol () might show a different fluorescent signal on rusty patches, at least if it contacts the rust.

Mike W.

(published on 03/29/2015)

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