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Q & A: Velocity of sound

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Most recent answer: 07/04/2014
is there a name for the delay effect of hearing a sound after observing the distant action which generated the sound ? e.g I see a man strike a ball with bat, fraction of a second later I hear sound of bat striking ball.
- brendan corr (age 47)

Hello Brendan,

I'm not sure there is a specific name for the effect, perhaps sonic lag or something like that.  The effect is due to the fact that sound travels at a finite speed, around 343 metres per second or so in dry air.  It will vary somewhat with temperature, pressure and moisture content.   So if the batter is 343 metres away from you, you hear the sound 1 second after you see the batter strikes the ball.



(published on 07/04/2014)

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