Would a Tin-can Phone Work in Space?

Most recent answer: 04/10/2017

Okay, so it is said that sound can't be heard in space due to no molecules for them to vibrate against or travel by, due to the vacuum of space. If i understand that wrong let me know. okay, do you remember back when you were a kid you would tie a piece of string to the bottom of two cups on opposite ends of the string for the sounds to travel through the string by keeping the string tight. Now for the question. If your in space will the sound still travel through the string( of cores the cups would be in a area were you can speak and create sound )?
- Dainon (age 30)
wpb, fl

Sure!   The sound waves in a tin-can phone don't travel in air, they travel by means of longitudinal waves on the streatched string.  


(published on 04/10/2017)