Dog Park Noise

Most recent answer: 08/27/2015

We are trying to open dog park, but council is hesitate due to noise. Can you help me prove them wrong. I need to know how many decibels could be heard by neighbor? Dog Park: 100 dB, Average dog bark between 4-700Hertz, distance from nearest neighbor is 650 ft. Any answer would help tremendously!!
- Chelsea (age 22)

The key thing we can say is that when you double the distance from the source, the level goes down by 6db. So if that 100 db corresponds to typical distances from dogs in the park of around say 42', at 650' the level would be down to around 76 db. One thing you could do is set up loudspeakers in the park area to mimic the park noise, and let people listen to see how loud it would be for the neighbors.

Mike W.

(published on 08/27/2015)