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Q & A: sound analysis software

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Most recent answer: 01/24/2013
Hi, I need a software to analyze the frequency of recorded sounds per times of occurrence for example 200 times 50Hz and 400 times 60Hz Thanks for your great site!
- Amirpouya (age 16)
You can analyze sound using FFT (fast Fourier transform) software. There are many brands available, including some shareware.

The output won't be quite what you're thinking of, though. In each analysis period, say 1 second, you'll get a spectrum showing how much power was in the 50-51 Hz window, the 60-61 Hz window, etc. If you take spectra faster the windows will be wider, e.g. 50-52 Hz if you take two spectra per second. Every spectrum will typically have a little power in each frequency band.

Mike W.

(published on 01/24/2013)

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