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Q & A: seeing and believing

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Most recent answer: 01/09/2013
Can you ever really be 100 percent right without "seeing" for yourself? e.g Im not 100 percent that mars is what people say it is because i'm only believing what other people have told me and I have never been there myself. So I can say i'm 99.99 percent sure it is what people have told me. Is that true?
- Neil (age 27)
Whatever we say will just be one more thing you've heard from someone, but anyway here's one take on it.

Sure, hearing what other people think is never enough to get absolutely complete certainty. Even worse, "seeing" for yourself is never enough either. People can have hallucinations, brain tumors, etc. Uncertainty is here to stay.

Mike W.

(published on 01/09/2013)

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