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Q & A: mysterious tea

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Most recent answer: 08/03/2012
every morning for 15yrs I make a thermos of tea using 2tea bags boiling water a bit of 2% milk. at 8am this morning I had a drink it was creamy brown & tasted as it always does I replaced the top & put it aside. At 8pm this evening at home I opened it to pour out the remainder to my suprize it had a strong sweet smell as I started to pour it out I noticed it was completly clear with a tint of yellow & had a large firm brown congiled lump sitting at the bottom. after pouring the remainder out I brought out the second identical thermos I decided to put some baking soda & viniger in to clean them both when I returned 15/20 minutes later the one that had that days tea was still bubbling vigorusly. as today was my last day at this job I am concerned someone put something in it . What do you think??? im quite concerned!!!!!what else would cause tea with milk to become clear with a lump of brown jelly sitting at the bottom
- Lisa A Langley (age 45)
, Ontario Canada
We aren't chemists here, but we are familiar with statistics. If you've done the same thing with your tea over 3000 times, getting the same result, and then on your last day of work get a very different result, it does sound likely that something was changed. In my opinion you're right to be suspicious., although usually even weird things turn out to have innocent explanations.

Do you have more of that milk and that tea? You could try repeating the process at home, just to double-check that there wasn't something odd about the milk.

Mike W.

(published on 08/03/2012)

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