Car Rolling up Hill?

Most recent answer: 08/03/2015

I live in Tunisia, exactly in Gafsa .. and there's a weird effect is happening, i really tried to ask people but no one had a clue, also i have seen that in other places on the internet.If you put a car on a road, it ll twist towards the low place, which is obviously against gravity laws .. i don't know if there's a magnetic field which affects the car, but i should of tried another metal to be sure .. well anyways, it really interested me for years and i'm looking for an answer .The video of someone recording this in my city :
- mohamed (age 21)
western Gafsa, Gafsa, Tunisia

I'm a little confused by your description, because it's normal for a car to roll to the lower place. Unfortunately the "translate" option on Facebook only applies to a few comments, so I'm not sure what's being said in  the video. Nevertheless, one thing is noticeable in the video link. It sounds as if there's a very loud wind. Could this be nothing more complicated than a strong wind in the mountains blowing a car up a slight slope? I know that happens at times with bicycles, and it's at least possible with a car.

Mike W.

(published on 08/03/2015)