Two Questions: Why is Water Blue and Where Does Waste Water Go?

Most recent answer: 03/02/2015

I have 2 questions 1.) why is water blue2.) where does wasted water go
- Jenna (age 13)
Cortice Ontario canada

Hi Jenna,

As you probably know, sunlight and many artificial light sources contain a wide spectrum of colors: red, green, blue, etc.   It turns that water absorbs the longer wavelength colors, red and green more that the short wavelength blues as the following plot shows.

The spectrum of liquid water


So when the greens and reds are absorbed, what's left is blue.


The fate of waste water depends on where you live.  In built up urban areas it usually goes through a sewage treatment plant.   In your town of Cortice a new one opened up in 2008.   See   .   Small scale treatment may had by use of a septic tank:  see .  In very poor regions the waste is simply dumped into a nearby stream or river: not good.    In days that I can remember, on many farms there was an outdoor "privy" where you did what you have to do.   It's essentially a hole in the ground:  see .



(published on 03/02/2015)