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Q & A: Anti matter weapon?

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Most recent answer: 09/21/2011
I have heard/read countless scientists say that is not possible to create a weapon with antimatter being the main source of power, but i am not totally convinced. I come to ask you guys/girls why do they say that?
- Tom (age 14)
Tampa, Florida, USA
Dear Tom,

Add my name to your list of countless scientists.  There are many reasons but the most glaring one is that there is no possible container made of ordinary matter that can hold the antimatter bomb.   As soon as an anti-particle meets up with any sort of ordinary matter it annihilates.  So even if you could make such a weapon,  virtually impossible to begin with,  you can't deliver it to its target, it would self-destruct.


(published on 09/21/2011)

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