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Q & A: Life on another planet?

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Most recent answer: 06/20/2011
If there was life on another planet, do you think it would be people
- Tian (age 8)
Austin,Texas,United Sates of America
Hi Tian,
We, the people here on Earth, are quite lucky.  Our planet has all of the features of the Goldilocks ideal:  not too hot, not too cold;    not too dry, not too wet; plus all kinds of other goodies that are necessary for humans.  Now there are billions of planets in far away stellar systems, but the environmental conditions may not be favorable for people-like creatures but perhaps for other forms of "life".  Science fiction writers have always speculated about Silicon based life forms.  My own guess is that we are pretty unique, but who knows...


(published on 06/20/2011)

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