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Q & A: falling walls of Jericho?

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Most recent answer: 05/21/2011
the walls of jericho was surrouned/encircled three times by its enemy and the rams horns blown(sound). Could reflected sound off of many curved surfaces each circle of different size rams horn (sound)causing different accoustics make Jerichos walls fall through vibration ,and would this affect the people blowing the horns or the ones near the returning sound Iam no scientist ,but i am still curious . looking forward to your answer .
- lucy arnold (age 43)
The walls found in the actual archeological Jericho were quite massive. I don't see any way that any human noises could come remotely close to knocking them down. The destruction of the walls is dated to about 1550 BC. Other archaeology dates the Israelite takeover of Canaanite areas to around 1250 BC. At that point it seems that Jericho was more or less uninhabited.

Mike W.

(published on 05/21/2011)

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