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Q & A: lost in the Bermuda triangle

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Most recent answer: 04/29/2011
Hello, I am writing a research paper about the Bermuda Triangle for school. It would be very helpful and appreciated if some of the questions could be answered asap. Thank you for your time. 1. Why do you take interest in the Bermuda Triangle? 2. What are your theories for all the mysterious happenings in the Bermuda Triangle? 3. How did you come to believe in your theory? 4. Do you have any connections with the Bermuda Triangle?- have you ever been there? Do you know anybody who has? If so, what were your/their experiences. 5. Why do you think there are so many unsolved mysteries about the Bermuda Triangle? 6. Do you think the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle will ever be solved? 7. How did you find out more fact and become interested in the Bermuda Triangle? 8. There are other places similar to the Bermuda Triangle, such as the Devil`s Sea, about 100km south of Tokyo. However why do you think we hear more about the Bermuda Triangle? 9. Do you think people should risk being in the area of the Bermuda Triangle? 10. Do you think the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are explainable. Thank you. Sincerely, Sara.
- Elizabeth (age 15)
West Lafayette, In, USA
1. I don't.
2. I'm unaware of any special mysterious happenings there.
3. I have no particular theory, just an assumption that ordinary things go on there.
4. No.
5. I am unaware that there are any more unknown events there than anywhere else with similar levels of air and sea traffic.
6. In most places some planes and ships are lost without anyone ever quite being sure what happened.
7. Thanks to your questions, I looked up the Wikipedia article.
8. I guess it's because somebody wrote a book to publicize it and make some money.
9. Yes, if they enjoy the weather and scenery.  However, they should try to avoid excess sun exposure, which can cause skin cancer.
10. Mostly, but see (6).

How did this become your school assignment?

Mike W.

(published on 04/29/2011)

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