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Q & A: internal Force?

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Most recent answer: 12/07/2010
Hey, men. Does anybody know actually we have Force power inside us? I do believe it. Just we need the "guide" to teach us like the very first Jedi. I found that sometime I be able to see the future and predict since I was a little child. And it did happen as I saw. At first, I didn't believe until I first know about Star Wars. I just don't know what else ability I have. Can anyone tell me?
- Ron (age 15)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Ron- We really don't know about this "Force" you heard of from the movies. According to Spaceballs, it is Merchandising, which is indeed powerful.

As for whether you have a special ability to foresee the future, here's a possible way to test. Get a notebook. Each time you have a vision of something that's going to happen, write it down. Be specific. Then later write down what actually happened. Never erase anything.  After a year, check to see whether you're really right most of the time or whether there's some normal mix of right, wrong, and in-between guesses.

Mike W.

(published on 12/07/2010)

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